Notes for Site Guests
Welcome to the 19th US Infantry (recreated) web site. As part of our company mission to contribute to the growth
and quality improvement of living history and War of 1812 interpretation, this site includes original research and
materials for personal use by those involved in historical interpretation and history enthusiasts. These materials are
not available for commercial production and we request your cooperation in maintaining these materials for personal
use only. Site users are welcome to use available materials to create reproductions of pictured items. If you have a
successful project, please consider emailing us a picture so we can share in your accomplishment. Finally, if you find
these materials useful to you or of interest and think others might enjoy the site, you are welcome to link to the site
from your web page.

April 4, 2010: Thank you for your patience as we reloaded our site. At this point, we've uploaded the
manual and patterns that were on our old site and added a few new items. We've also added a few new
pages, including one with morning reports and other printable files for use in the field.

Over the next several months, we'll be adding new clothing items from West Point, Locust Grove, the
Ohio Historical Society and the Royal Ontario Museum.  Several extant examples of company reports
will also be included - as soon as we figure out how to make the file size small enough for the web site.

Check back frequently and visit this page for updates on new materials. The next updates should be
available at the end of May.